Hey y'all!!!

Anyone else having the wintertime blues?? Seems like Spring is trying to tease us with a hint of Spring today with near 70 degree temps but Winter is going to remind us that it is still Winter tomorrow with highs in the 30s. 

One of the trickiest parts of owning and operating a boutique is picking clothes that our customers would love and that fit our aesthetic. And the hardest part is figure out what will be a hit in the different seasons the season before. It is so hard to decide on clothes to stock for the Spring when it is 30 degrees outside and all you want to do is bundle up in a cozy pair of sweats and sit by the fire. It is equally hard to find and stock clothes for the Winter during Summer when you are trying to wear as little clothing as possible to stay cool. 

Each year seems a little trickier to stay on top of fashion trends. Admittingly, I am a millennial and it seems to be harder to get into the Gen Z fashion trends. The hardest part of the new trends is the jeans. I love my skinny jeans and have a hard time wanting to wear anything else.

We do our best to incorporate different trends but at the end of the day we also want to stay true to ourselves and our brand. 

The most beautiful women are the most confident. I feel most confident in comfortable but cute clothes. We want to provide affordable and unique clothing to women. 

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